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Isabelle in Animal Crossing appeared to have a modeled cervix but it’s Alyx

People dug up something interesting while looking at the data mines Animal Crossing: New Horizons files. Isabelle appears to have an actual vagina. You can usually dig up some interest game info when data...

Animal Crossing dev admits gender was removed due to LGBTQ pressure

A developer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons revealed that original 'male and female' gender options were changed to 'styles' due to threats from LGBTQ activists. Developers were harassed and called 'transphobic' when it was...

Isabelle trends on PornHub after Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases

There's a lot of weird stuff on PornHub and sometimes this stuff boils to to the top and starts to trend. Well, the adorable Shih Tzu dog from Animal Crossing is now trending fetish.

Gender in Animal Crossing: New Horizons confirmed and fans are unhappy

Nintendo add option to choose between two genders in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the entire community is up in arms about it. Up until now Animal Crossing has never had an option to...

Pokemon Sword & Shield broken mess, #GameFreakLied trends on Twitter

Pokemon fans all around the world were hyped for the new Pokemon game after seeing a FULL HD trailer of the game online, but what they got was not what they expected. The...
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Twitter hacked: employee allegedly sold personal information to a hacker

Twitter employee sold an admin tool to a hacker that gave them access to sensitive data including...
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New evidence on Dr. DisRespect and Spotify video/streaming integration

Spotify Gold: a fully fledged video integration is set to go live in September and premiere Joe Rogan's exclusive podcast. Will The...

Skai Jackson calls out “disrespectful” Naya Rivera murder/suicide theories

Skai Jackson does not want people to speculate on the death of Naya Rivera. Calls people "disrespectful" for making assumptions.

Official NBA store bans “Free Hong Kong” jerseys but allows “Kill Cops”

The official NBA store has banned "Free Hong Kong" custom shirts but allow highly offensive text like "Burn Jews" and "Kill Cops"...

Howie Mandel debunks kidnapping and home invasion conspiracy theories

"I'm fine. I'm really fine," says Howie Mandel in response to conspiracy theories that claim he's been kidnapped and held for ransom.