Nintendo rep Sloane ‘Skipper’ praises Shake Shack for poisoning cops

Partnered Twitch streamer and social media manager for Nintendo America praised Shake Shack in shocking tweet for poisoning cops. Sloane 'Skipper' Wolf responded to a Tweet from left wing U.S. politician Andrew Yang where...

Isabelle in Animal Crossing appeared to have a modeled cervix but it’s Alyx

People dug up something interesting while looking at the data mines Animal Crossing: New Horizons files. Isabelle appears to have an actual vagina. You can usually dig up some interest game info when data...

Animal Crossing dev admits gender was removed due to LGBTQ pressure

A developer for Animal Crossing: New Horizons revealed that original 'male and female' gender options were changed to 'styles' due to threats from LGBTQ activists. Developers were harassed and called 'transphobic' when it was...

Isabelle trends on PornHub after Animal Crossing: New Horizons releases

There's a lot of weird stuff on PornHub and sometimes this stuff boils to to the top and starts to trend. Well, the adorable Shih Tzu dog from Animal Crossing is now trending fetish.

Gender in Animal Crossing: New Horizons confirmed and fans are unhappy

Nintendo add option to choose between two genders in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the entire community is up in arms about it. Up until now Animal Crossing has never had an option to...

Pokemon Sword & Shield broken mess, #GameFreakLied trends on Twitter

Pokemon fans all around the world were hyped for the new Pokemon game after seeing a FULL HD trailer of the game online, but what they got was not what they expected. The...

Why DLC is a good thing in the modern game’s industry

Love it or hate it, DLC has pretty much become the standard when it comes to game expansions. Is that such a bad thing? Nope, here is why! There is a lot of...

Super Mario Bros movie deleted scene found, finally

It's been 25 years since the Super Mario Bros movie hit the cinemas and today, finally, The Movie Archive found a deleted scene never seen before. Super Mario Bros movie was a film...
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Angry Joe called misogynist by Gamespot writer for not loving TLoU2

Joe Vargas of The Angry Joe Show was called a sexist/misogynist by Gamespot writer Alessandro Fillari for...
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Google and Twitter censor Fourth of July and won’t be celebrating it

Tech giants Google and Twitter have actively decided not to promote the American Independence Day holiday and are instead labelling it as...

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson wanted as next U.S. president

People are calling for the Fox News political commentator to run for president as Tucker Carlson Tonight ratings break records.

NBC’s The Blacklist could be cancelled for not being politically correct

The hit television series "The Blacklist" starring James Spader now has a problematic and racist name according to Silicon Valley billionaires.

Byron “Reckful” Bernstein, 31, dead days after sexual allegations

The World of Warcraft streamer was found dead only days after he was accused of sexual misconduct by Twitch partner Indiefoxx.