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New Jackass film confirmed for 2021 with Knoxville and original cast

Paramount announced that they have plans for a new "Jackass" film in late 2021, and it looks like the original cast is returning.Knoxville, Steve-O, Margera and the rest of those wild boys really...

Tom Cruise stops filming Mission Impossible 7 as coronavirus worsens

It looks like the deadly Chinese coronavirus is now infecting films. Mission Impossible 7 delayed over growing concerns of spread.Paramount Pictures was set to film in Venice for 3 weeks, but unfortunately had...

Five things we learned from the new Sonic trailer

The new Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer is now officially out and, in all honesty, it looks super awesome. Here are five things to take away from watching it.The original trailer got...

New Sonic design allegedly leaks online and he looks bloody amazing

When Paramount pictures first teased the live-action Sonic the internet was turned on its head; he looked like a furry. Fortunately they went back to the drawing board and now our favourite hedgehog looks epic!