Ice Cube responds to ‘antisemitism’ backlash with ‘you’re Anti-Black’

"F*ck yourself!" The has-been rapper turned b-list movie star, Ice Cube, responded to antisemitic and anti-white Twitter tirade backlash. O'Shea "Ice Cube" Jackson is outraged at the death of George Floyd, so...

Kanye West uses white square profile pic to condemn rioters and looters

World famous, award winning, rap artist Kanye West goes against the grain and changes his profile pic to a white square to condemn the Black Lives Matter looters. While celebrities and big name brands...

Charity rejects $200k donation from Tekashi 6ix9ine because he’s a thug

Mumble rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine donated $200, 000 to the "No Kid Hungry" charity but it was declined because of his problematic past and sinister connections. 6ix9ine thought it would be good for his tarnished...

Tekashi 6ix9ine released from prison early because he has asthma

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was released 6 months early from prison because his asthma condition was 'too high risk' of coronavirus while in prison. On Thursday afternoon the 23 year old mumble rapper known as...

Fans petition to get Post Malone help after he collapses on stage on drugs

A concerned fan filmed Post Malone drop his microphone and stagger around too intoxicated to perform live and posted it on Tik Tok. Fans petition for the singer/rapper to get some help. Post Malone...

6ix9ine snitch memes are popping up everywhere and they’re hilarious

Disgraced mumble rapper, 6ix9ine, is currently facing trial and is testifying against his former clan. The snitch memes that have since surfaced are bloody hilarious. I'm not a fan of the rapper. I...
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Dr. Disrespect might be heading to Spotify in September, Nickmercs hints

After receiving a donation from Dr. Disrespect, Nickmercs hinted at the reason why he was banned. The...
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Skyrim for PlayStation 5 appears on Amazon and Bethesda gets slammed

Skyrim Special Edition for the PS5 popped on on Amazon France for $115AUD and Blizzard are getting slammed by disappointed fans.

“Won’t stop until he’s dead,” James Charles plot against Shane exposed

Shocking email alleges that James Charles and his fans ("sisters") plotted to ruin Shane Dawson's life and career in private chat.

JoyFreak is the best alternative to ResetEra after Angry Joe ban

JoyFreak, a fresh new gaming forum, is exploding in popularity as ResetEra is losing members after banning prominent industry figures.

Halle Berry steps down from transgender role after being called a bigot

Halle Berry was forced to walk away from a role where she'd play a transgender character after a mob of angry LGBTQ+...