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16-year-old boy shares his story about being forced to be trans by mother

A 16-year-old Aussie-American boy recalls his traumatic childhood experience of being raised as a girl and forced to wear dresses and make up by his mother. Lucas was only 8 when his mother dressed...
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EA Australia public relations rep told our editor not to ‘mansplain’ in call

Digitas Australia representative told the editor of Sausage Roll not to 'mansplain' during an introductory phone call...
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WaPo: Cancel all cop shows and movies except Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The far-leftist blog, Washington Post, published an article about how "All Cops Are Bad" and that we should not glorify them by...

Seth Rogen doesn’t think #AllLivesMatter and wants you to boycott him

Canadian stoner and comedian Seth Rogen has told people who think all lives matter, or cop lives matter, that he doesn't want...

Kanye West uses white square profile pic to condemn rioters and looters

World famous, award winning, rap artist Kanye West goes against the grain and changes his profile pic to a white square to...

John Boyega has Disney’s support after rallying angry protesters in the UK

John Boyega said he doesn't care about ending his career after citing angry protesters to fight against white racists in the UK.