Star Wars

Boyega dresses as Nigerian prince in protest of Rise of Skywalker scam

John Boyega has been a vocal critic of the new Star Wars trilogy and rocked up in "Nigerian prince" garb to the London premiere of The Rise of Skywalker suggested that the film is a scam.

The Rise of Skywalker makes bold moves, fans wont like it says Campea

John Campea was fortunate enough to attend an advanced, red carpet, screening of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and he doesn't like it one bit. Film critic and YouTube commentator, John Campea,...

Baby Yoda Pop! vinyl looks more like a gremlin and a Sullustan

Pre-orders are now open for the Baby Yoda Pop! Vinyl figurine which will release on April 20th... it may be the most detailed figuring in the collection, but it looks kind of creepy.

George Lucas called ‘cry baby’ for feeling betrayed by Disney

Disney boss admitted that George Lucas felt betrayed by Disney cherry picking what to keep as cannon in Star Wars. Yet fans blame him. Disney CEO, Bob Iger, wrote a memoir called, The Ride...

Disney reportedly killing Star Wars originals to snub Lucas

Disney are reportedly spitefully killing off original Star Wars characters in virtue of George Lucas financial ties to them. Maybe you have noticed that the original Star Wars characters have been dropping faster...
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The Batman photos show Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne like Joker’s brother

These new promo pictures of The Batman show Robert Pattinson in his final form as the...
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Who is the sexiest returning male on Australian Survivor All Stars?

David, Henry, Locky, Tarzan, and Jericho. Which one of these Australian Survivor All Stars cast members is the sexiest?

Is Joey from The Circle related to Robert De Niro?

Joey Sasso is a bit of a fan fave on Netflix's The Circle, but his resemblance to a young Robert De...

Tana Mongeau confirms tits are real in strange Tweet

Tana Mongeau has admitted to having cosmetic surgery before, but she has vehemently denied having her boobs done. Fans don't believe...

CCN publish PewDiePie hit piece calling him a racist 2hrs after his break

Alleged former Rand Paul staffer and CCN contributer, W.E. Messamore, tried to open old wounds when he celebrated PewDiePie's departure from...
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