Dobrik gets Tesla Model X airborne on Hollywood hills, Musk isn’t happy

Popular YouTuber, David Dobrik, thought it would be "epic" to get his Tesla airborne on the heavily populated street on the Hollywood hills, but destroy their car instead. Elon Musk responds on Twitter.

The Sony Vision-S car is the sexiest thing we’ve ever seen

Sony surprised us all with a prototype of the Vision-S car at CES, and it is the best looking car we have ever seen. We're super excited for the future.Tesla really paved...

Tesla Cybertruck spotted in Los Angeles and it looks out of place

Elon Musk, the man himself, was spotted cruising around Los Angeles in the Tesla Cybertruck last night. He was taking his girlfriend, Grimes, out for a fancy dinner.Elon Musk unveiled the...

Cybertruck memes that could end Elon Musk’s career

Elon Musk's big Cybertruck reveal was a colossal failure, and if it wasn't enough to end his career I'm sure these memes will.The Tesla Cybertruck was supposed to groundbreaking tech, or so...