The Bachelor

Bachelor: African model, Vakoo, pretty in pinkeye

Let's just all conveniently forget that Bachelor contestant and African Model, Vakoo, pretty much got pinkeye and instead campaign to have her as the next Australian Bachelorette. The goss was saucy...

Will The Bachelor marry one of these five girls?

Everyone's favourite dating show is back for 2019 with Matt Agnew as the leading man, and although it is still early days we definitely noticed some chemistry. Will The Bachelor marry one of these five girls?
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5 real reasons you should definitely not visit Australia

Australia is bloody amazing but it's not perfect. There are plenty of reasons why one should...
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Fans notice creepy 11:11 theme in Joker movie

Joker is the sort of film that rewards you with every viewing. Only now are people starting to notice the freaky...

Ariel Winter spotted braless while buying booze for her birthday party

January is usually a lazy month and for Ariel Winter that means not bothering to put on a bra before going...

Batwoman reportedly saved from being cancelled by LGBTQ community

CW's Batwoman is tanking and was about to face cancellation, but despite abysmal ratings and reviews... the show must go on, and...

Baby Jabba the Hutt is now officially the cutest thing on the web

Star Wars: The Mandalorian fan has the perfect response for baby Yoda (The Child), and it is his own 3D render...
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