The Contenders

Kristen Stewart gives up, wears stinky torn shoes & dresses like a hobo

Kristen Stewart gives up on life? The actress was spotted at Deadline's The Contenders premiere on Saturday looking like an Aussie bogan. The 29-year old-actress is no stranger to strange fashion. She has...

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Seth Rogen doesn’t want to work with white people as much any more

Canadian stoner, actor and comedian Seth Rogen revealed that he plans on working less with white people...

Netflix calls Gone With The Wind racist & says Matrix is about trans people

Netflix wants to remind you that Gone With The Wind is "known for its racism," and The Matrix is about transgender people.

Pokimane takes Twitch break when Dr. DisRespect returns, coincidence?

Pokimane announced that she's taking a month long break from streaming the second Dr. DisRespect announced his return. Some people she may...

Twitter illegally blocks free speech video site BitChute & says it’s “harmful”

Content creators will be greeted with an error message when they attempt to share their BitChute videos on Twitter.

Next Australian Survivor season will most likely take place in Australia

Travel restrictions are not likely to easy up until mid-2021, so that means no Australian Survivor unless it takes place on one...