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Justin Bieber, James Corden filmed faking Carpool Karaoke by pedestrian

A man and his son filmed James Corden and Justin Bieber getting towed along Hollywood Blvd while filming a segment of Carpool Karaoke, confirming that the actor doesn't drive. It's no shock really. I...
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Batman ruined: Asian Bruce, ANTIFA Joker & Selena in poly relationship

DC have officially caved to demand of a few to diversify the characters of Batman. Meet Anti-capitalist...
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Furry couple Vex and Jax murder a man & skin dog for ‘pelt’ to make fursuit

The furry community is in uproar after a well known couple were arrested for murder and allegedly skinned their pet dog for...

Leafy is making a comeback after iDubbbz video, Keemstar confirms

Calvin Lee Vail's (LeafyIsHere) YouTube was pretty much dealt the death sentence after Idubbbz' Content Cop. However, he is allegedly returning.

Headstrong band TRAPT gets in Twitter beef and trends on Pandora

Many celebs and artist are using Twitter to spread their political ideology, but when nu-metal band TRAPT did it, left leaning artist...

Did Carole Baskin confess to the murder of her husband on Tiger King?

Tiger King is by far the hottest show on Netflix right now and one of the biggest twists is the mystery of...