The Outer Worlds

What game should I buy? The ultimate Christmas gift guide for gamers

Don't want to be obvious by asking what game to buy someone for Christmas? We've got you covered. Here are the hottest games of 2019 that everybody wants. We can hear the sleigh-bells...

Felix in The Outer Worlds seems to be inspired by PewDiePie

After accepting his request to be a crew member on board of The Unreliable, Felix became a huge part of my story. Felix, the outspoken and confrontational crew member, reminds us so much of someone with the...
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John Boyega uses homophobic slur in response to racist Tweet

Disney's Star Wars actor shared his hot take on racism and white people on Twitter then insulted...
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Amber Heard Hollywood boycott: stuck doing indie films for now

Amber Heard is taking a bit of a career detour as the drama around the Johnny Depp allegations intensifies. Staying away from...

George ‘Joji’ Miller teases a Filthy Frank return on Instagram “Soon”

Fans are going nuts after former YouTuber turned international pop-star, Joji, teased a return of his hit character "Filthy Frank" on Instagram.

GLOW Season 4 finale ‘The Final Match’ will break your heart

In September, 2019, Netflix surprised fans with the announcement that GLOW is returning for its 4th and final season... but the word...

Jessika Power is willing to go completely nude for enough money

Jessika Power posted a topless picture of herself on Instagram to promote some weird skincare product. Might go completely nude next.