Cam&Fam YouTube star Landon Clifford, father of 2, dies a hero at age 19

Cam&Fam vlogger Camryn Clifford announced, with a heavy heart, that her teenage husband Landon has passed away due to a brain injury.The 19-year-old father of two, Landon Clifford, died a hero as he...

Skai Jackson calls out “disrespectful” Naya Rivera murder/suicide theories

Skai Jackson does not want people to speculate on the death of Naya Rivera. Calls people "disrespectful" for making assumptions.It seems as thought "guacamole penis" is not the only thing haunting Skai Jackson...

Byron “Reckful” Bernstein, 31, dead days after sexual allegations

The World of Warcraft streamer was found dead only days after he was accused of sexual misconduct by Twitch partner Indiefoxx.Small streamer Indiefoxx levelled sexual assault allegations against one of the world's largest...

Aussie DJ Adam Sky Died in Bali Trying to Save Friend

Adam Neat was found dead at his luxury hotel in a pool of his own blood by Bali police on the 4th of May. According to 9 News he died trying to rescue his friend.