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Tuesday, February 18, 2020


5 small time Aussie Twitch streamers you should definitely check out

Every person and, quite literally, their dog now stream on Twitch TV which makes it increasingly harder to spot genuine talent when browsing streams. We've found 5 Aussie streamers you should check out.

Korean Twitch streamer asks shop keeper to ‘delete this’

Watch as chat helps popular Korean Twitch streamer, HAchubby, politely ask the gift-shop keeper to throw away the plastic bag. It's adorable. HAchubby, more commonly known as Hachu, is a Korean Twitch streamer...
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Latest News

Overwatch animated series reportedly coming to Netflix very soon

Activision/Blizzard have allegedly struck a deal with Netflix for a Diablo and Overwatch animated series, said to...
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Sonic The Hedgehog movie called ‘homophobic’ by Birds of Prey fans

People are warning parents not to take their children to see Sonic The Hedgehog because it encourages hate crimes; recommend Birds of...

Is Trinity The One? She saves Neo in leaked The Matrix 4 BTS video

Has Neo (Keanu Reeves) lost his powers? New behind-the-scenes footage shows Trinity saving Neo as they leap from a building in The...

Marvel seriously considering replacing Brie Larson with a person of colour

The petition to replace Brie Larson as Captain Marvel for a woman of colour is now at 30k signatures and Disney/Marvel are...

Manchester City banned from Europe for 2 years for FFP violation

Manchester City receive 2 year ban from all EUFA competitions after serious Financial Fair Play violation. Looks like Manchester...