Cult classic comedy Little Britain cancelled for ‘racist’ blackface sketch

The over-the-top satirical cult classic comedy show, Little Britain, has been completely banned at the demand of BLM activist for a blackface skit.  BBC iPlayer, Netflix and BritBox have completely pulled the show. Matt...

John Boyega has Disney’s support after rallying angry protesters in the UK

John Boyega said he doesn't care about ending his career after citing angry protesters to fight against white racists in the UK. John Boyega believes that black people do not have the same rights...

Karen meme being considered as anti-feminist hate speech by the ADL

What started as a meme about angry feminists who complain too much might be added to the Anti-Defamation League hate speech list. Pepe the Frog and the 'OK' hand gesture memes have already been...

Meghan Markle reportedly made Harry leave royal family for Marvel role

Meghan Markle wanted Harry to leave the royal family so she could continue chasing a career in Hollywood. She has her eye set on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Prince Harry devastated the royal...

Johnny Depp’s phone allegedly hacked by British tabloid The Sun

The Sun just got access to 70, 000 of Johnny Depp's private messages after they, according their attorney, were accidentally made available. The British tabloid has previously been accused of phone...

Manchester City banned from Europe for 2 years for FFP violation

Manchester City receive 2 year ban from all EUFA competitions after serious Financial Fair Play violation. Looks like Manchester City's dreams of becoming European champions again have been snuffed, at least for the next...
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Angry Joe called misogynist by Gamespot writer for not loving TLoU2

Joe Vargas of The Angry Joe Show was called a sexist/misogynist by Gamespot writer Alessandro Fillari for...
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Google and Twitter censor Fourth of July and won’t be celebrating it

Tech giants Google and Twitter have actively decided not to promote the American Independence Day holiday and are instead labelling it as...

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson wanted as next U.S. president

People are calling for the Fox News political commentator to run for president as Tucker Carlson Tonight ratings break records.

NBC’s The Blacklist could be cancelled for not being politically correct

The hit television series "The Blacklist" starring James Spader now has a problematic and racist name according to Silicon Valley billionaires.

Byron “Reckful” Bernstein, 31, dead days after sexual allegations

The World of Warcraft streamer was found dead only days after he was accused of sexual misconduct by Twitch partner Indiefoxx.