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Mixer partner PrincessCourt looks like Icelandic Eurovision singer Yohanna

With the world population over 7.7 billion you are bound to have a doppelganger, and we found one for Icelandic pop-star Yohanna; Mixer streamer PrincessCourt.It is becoming increasingly easier to find someone...

Boyega dresses as Nigerian prince in protest of Rise of Skywalker scam

John Boyega has been a vocal critic of the new Star Wars trilogy and rocked up in "Nigerian prince" garb to the London premiere of The Rise of Skywalker suggested that the film is a scam.

J.K. Rowling called transphobic for supporting woman fired for opinion

J.K. Rowling has been a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ community, now they have turned on her because she supports a woman who got fired for holding the opinion that there are only two sexes.

All That Remains singer lashes out those who celebrated PewDiePie robbery

Famous internet power couple Felix and Marzia Kjellberg discovered their home in Brighton, UK, had been robbed. Valuables and sentimental items stolen.Marzia took to Instagram to let her fans know that their...

Machete fight breaks out at Frozen 2 screening, 13-year-old girl arrested

A 100 man brawl involving young teenagers armed with machetes broke out during a screening of Frozen 2 in Birmingham, UK. Police suspect gang violence.The mainstream media manufactured hysteria around the release...