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Discord went down last night and the whole internet mourned with memes

Discord has pretty much replaced TeamSpeak and Skype as the definitive online chat program, so when it went down yesterday, naturally, there was a bit of panic.

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Over the last couple of years Discord has become the most popular online chatting service; in addition to voice chat it now allows people to stream their game-play and get into group video chats.

Many famous YouTubers and Twitch streamers use the service as the primary way of communicating and engaging with their communities and a lot of introverts — like my self — find themselves lurking in the lobbies of these channels for company.

Girl in Discord partner hoodie

Discord went down last night and the whole internet mourned with memes.

Unfortunately that comfort was stripped away from a lot of us when the service went down. But this time the panic was felt even by extroverted normies as a lot of people now must find some kind of activity to kill time and chill with friends while being quarantined at home because of the Coronavirus.

Fortunately I wasn’t alone in my panic. Thousands and thousands of people took to Twitter to vent their frustration and fears about the demise of Discord last night, and just reading through the many memes shared on Twitter was enough to calm me down and cheer me up.

The best Discord memes that came out of this…

Discord was only down for an hour or so but it’s absence was clearly felt. Twitter exploded with hilarious Discord memes as #Discord and #DiscordDown rivaled the Coronavirus for the number 1 trending spot.

So, don’t fret, Discord is back up and running so you can head back into your favourite channel and lurk to your heart’s content.

Let’s hope that this doesn’t become a regular thing over the course of the Coronavirus quarantine. We all need our little virtual escape to the world of Discord.

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